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I failed!!!! 💯 💯 I massively overpacked. 💯 💯 I stuck to my favourites. I barely touched about 5 pieces I had thought worthy of holiday style. What did I stick to time and again? Bikinis by @carolineafrosenborg (gifted)@solidandstriped (bought) White (wide leg) Jeans by @bimbaylola (bought) Kafthan by @pippa_holt_kaftans (gifted) Sandals by @ancientgreeksandals (bought) and @prada (bought) My amazing dress from @Zara. (I know! Bought it about 2 years ago). My @Sezane denim jacket (more on that in a couple of weeks) and now THIS dress by @seraphina_london Cotton, great print, just enough pom-poms, a happy dose of neon, a perfect lining that was fuss free and light, (and sewed to the outer layer more importantly). It worked for dinners, shopping, lunchtime cover up and adhering to Moroccan dress codes. So whilst it was gifted I can absolutely say it has stood the test of a sweat and dust filled holiday, with the need for a hint of glamour, and I would look at the rest of their collection if you are at all interested in updating your holiday wardrobe. You need pieces that lift you, that flatter, but that can also handle a bit of sweat and suncream and can be shoved in a (gentle cycle) washing machine at the end of the trip. Here’s to you @seraphina_london #summerplanning #holiday #holidaystyle #packing #buyfewerbuybetter #evenforsummer #vchstyle #neon #justenoughneon

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